September/October Bulletin

September/October Bulletin

Some dates for your diary: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings see the start of our new groups. These are times of reflecting on the bible, praying and looking at worship, nurture, pastoral care and mission and environment. All are welcome to join us on any evening at 7.30prn. The next five Sundays, both services will be taken by different ministers representing a more fundamental tradition, a Pentecostal tradition, a traditional tradition and an evangelical tradition and a totally lay led service. This is aimed at enabling you all to reflect theologically and humanly on the sort of church that God might be leading us into. It will also give Louise a chance to take some prayerful and reflective days away to consider what God is calling her to next. Please do support these Sundays and allow God to speak to you through them.
Louise will be out and about during the month so if you need any help, any visits or support please ring 01753 621634 or call in at the café between 9am and 3pm and people will be available Monday: Jacky Sadler; Tuesday: Sue Morgan. Wednesday: Alan Gass; Thursday: Nicky Barrett; Friday; Mary Morgan. For any issues with the building please speak to the church wardens Andrew Giles and Michael Brooks available at both services on a Sunday. This is a kind of mini interregnum to enable us to work out how to develop the church and stay a witness in the community even without a leader.
Michelle and Lucy will be starting a new format group on a Monday to help young mums develop their own Christian faith so they will be able to nurture their children. The church is, at God’s call a missionary church and we wish to be faithful to that calling. So the new format begins on Monday 11th September at 9.45am. A number of grandparents have expressed disappointment that the group is only for mothers so we have decided that from 11am onwards when there will be coffee and play time grandparents are welcome to bring their grandchildren to this playing hour. Grandparents are also welcome to start their own nurture group and reach out to other grandparents in the community of which many would welcome such a group. The café is open all week and there is nothing to stop children being brought to the café and developing social groups that can meet there

October will be a month on which we focus on our monetary giving to God’s work here at All Saints. We are getting perilously close to not meeting our financial commitments each year and we need to reassess our understanding of how God asks us to give. This will begin on the 8th followed by Harvest Festival on the 15th; followed by a visit by the Bishop of Reading on the 22nd and finishing the month with an All saints Gratitude and Gift weekend with events on the Saturday and Sunday so keep the week end free.

The café is now under new management with Gavin and Jeannine running new hours from 8.30am to 2.30pm there is a new menu of cooked food so come and check it out and enjoy just idly sitting and chatting with your friends.

Mary, Angela and Sheila will be starting up their lunch gatherings again soon on a Friday. This will be so that older people can come together to be social with one another. There will be no service attached to this new style Friday lunch as it is purely a lunch social. Date for starting will be announced later. The mid-week service will remain on a Wednesday at 12.30pm and is for all age people. The Wednesday service at 7.30pm is a communion with modern worship style. Tuesday morning at 9.30am there is a Celtic style morning service led by Sue Morgan and Mondays at 12 noon Cohn and Barbara invite you to join them for an hour of prayer following the booklet which is available to every church member.

The funeral of Philip Neighbour will take place at Slough crematorium on Wednesday 13th September at 12 noon.

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