Summer Bulletin

Bulletin for July 2017
Today I am preaching on Acts Chapter 7 and the commitment of Stephen to share the gospel despite the opposition and share it to his death. We are doing the last four weeks of the Theology Academy on Pastoral Care. Our intern programme finishes at the end of August. We have had a summer of seeking God’s guidance for our church and it is now time to outline what God has been showing us. Who is the us? Those who have been at prayers on a Monday, the P.C.C., those who have taken time to come and talk to me, those who have been sharing through the Theology Academy. it is time to take up God’s Mission for this church and move on by the power of the Holy Spirit.
We are now moving into a year of working together in teams, based around the 5 Marks of Mission, universally accepted by all Christian Churches. The vision is to set up four teams initially of 12 people, (of course it would be fantastic to have more teams) each team like the disciples comprising of 12 people These teams will meet together weekly for prayer, bible conversations, and wise planning of how to do mission in Dedworth through these areas. The teams will comprise of people across all the ages of our church, those who have a passion for a particular area of mission. There is no age limit because these groups are not just about doing, but about being. You can only be in one group for the year. It is about asking God what part of your mission would you like me to be in for this coming year? There are people who say, I don’t feel belong’, `I would like to do more’, ‘I’d like our church to be more focused’ and this is now the opportunity to do so. Nothing we do in All Saints’ from September will be done outside this group set up and the groups will spend time deciding the focus that God wants them to take. There will be no initial leaders of each group it really will be an opportunity to listen to one another and to God. In order to help people discern which group might be for them I am running 4 pilot evenings
Monday 10th July 8.00pm-9pm Mark 1: To proclaim the good news of the kingdom. Those who wish to be involved in any aspect of leading worship through a week, music, leading, preaching, praying, reading.
Tuesday 11th July 8.00pm -9pm Mark 2: To teach baptise and nurture new believers. Those wishing to lead groups for adults, children’s work, schools work
Monday 17th July 8-9pm Mark 3 To respond to human need by loving service. All forms of pastoral care, both within the church and outside.
Tuesday 18th 8-9pm Mark 4 (this is a combination group) To seek to transform unjust structures of society. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain the life of the earth. This to include monetary giving to the church; missionary awareness; social action, looking at how we serve the community; running the porch; the garden; developing a green church.
These pilot evenings are to look at the shape of things to come, you do not have to make a definite decision on which group until September. So plenty of time to talk to God, me and others. In September the 4 groups will run once a week. These are not groups just for doing and organising things though there will be that aspect if our church is to grow and be a mission, spirit filled body of Christ. These groups are all about how God wants to build His kingdom in Dedworth. In the last two years many of us having been seeking God’ purpose both for our own lives, and the life of All Saints’ and I believe that this is God’s call to us. What if I don’t want to join any of these groups? Then just keep coming to the worship service of your choice on a Sunday or a Wednesday and watch God at work around you. There are many in this church who are not ready to take a step of commitment to fully serve God in this generation and many who are fearful. To both groups I say trust God and take an amazing step of faith. To those who want to stay comfortable in their faith tell God that is what you are doing. Whatever choice you make it is your choice, It is God who is calling us and your response is to His Call.
May the living God give us all courage to obey His call and have a vision like’s Stephen in Acts 7: verse 56 But He, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God and said so’

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