Men’s Group

A note from Andrew Giles



All Saint’s Men’s Group really is proof that us blokes know how to have a good time. We meet around four – six times a year with a wide variety of social events – for example, trips out to the theatre; visits to museums; ten pin bowling, brewery visits and tasty barbeques.



At All Saints itself we have had a “Greek food” evening, theme quizzes, watching major sports events on the big screen, balloon debates plus our famous “alcoholic evenings” where Jonathan Sturt and Peter Norris provide a short talk and large quantities of different tipples … for “sampling” of course!


We usually get 15 – 25 men+ to most occasions, who dig into our good food and generous liquid refreshments with gusto. Many of these entertaining events are talked about for years afterwards ….!  Yes, sometimes things go so well that we will organize a repeat of a successful  event at a later date and invite the whole church – including ladies! We also have some truly excellent speakers to complement our feasting on a big breakfast or a sumptuous dinner! These inspiring talks provide a great source of encouragement and are always very well received.


We have over 100 men actively involved and receiving invites, with ages ranging from early twenties to late eighties. Don’t forget, these enjoyable evenings are open to all men! We appreciate that nowadays, due to shifts and irregular working, many of you can only attend once or twice a year; but there’ll always something for you. (Note: Any charges for events are kept to the absolute minimum.)



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For more information feel free to contact Andrew Giles via Rev Louise and if you would like, you can be added to the invitation list. Or use the contact form below: